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Table 1 Breakfast habits of all participants

From: Can breakfast tryptophan and vitamin B6 intake and morning exposure to sunlight promote morning-typology in young children aged 2 to 6 years?

Regularity of breakfast
  Eats at set times every day Almost every day Sometimes Does not eat at set times
n(%) 410 (50.6)   364 (44.9)   25 (3.1)   11 (1.4)  
Consumption of breakfast that includes staple, main and side
  Everyday   4 to 5days/week   2 to 3days/week   0 to 1days/week  
n(%) 203 (25.1)   172 (21.3)   191 (23.6)   242 (30.0)  
  1. Question: How many times a week does your child have a breakfast that consists of a staple food (e.g. rice, bread, noodles or potatoes), a main dish (e.g. meat, fish or eggs) and a side dish (e.g. vegetables)?