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Table 1 Overall results of correlation analysis: impression scores ofhot-cold’

From: Visual information without thermal energy may induce thermoregulatory-like cardiovascular responses

Indices Intra-individual correlation coefficients(r) P value for null hypothesis is that common coefficienta = 0 Significance
ΔHR +0.190 0.037 **
ΔSV +0.008 0.934  
ΔCO +0.229 0.012 **
ΔSBP -0.099 0.282  
ΔDBP -0.157 0.085 *
ΔMBP -0.163 0.074 *
ΔTPR -0.247 0.006 ***
ΔHF +0.111 0.224  
ΔLF +0.071 0.437  
ΔVLF +0.190 0.036 **
Thermal sensation +0.439 <0.0001 ***
  1. Correlation coefficients between each index and ‘hot-cold’ impression scores. Positive correlations mean the hotter the impressions, the greater the indices. *P <0.1; **P <0.05; ***P <0.01. The P values are for the common coefficient a, not the results of multiple regression analysis. The raw results of multiple regression analyses are shown in Additional file 2. Changes from baseline: ΔHR, heart rate; ΔSV, stroke volume; ΔCO, cardiac output; ΔSBP, systolic blood pressure; ΔDBP, diastolic blood pressure; ΔMBP, mean blood pressure; ΔTPR, total peripheral resistance; ΔHF, high frequency HRV; ΔLF, low frequency HRV; and ΔVLF, very low frequency of HRV. HRV, heart rate variability.