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Table 2 Extracted physiological features

From: Analysis of physiological signals for recognition of boredom, pain, and surprise emotions

Signals Features
ECG b_HR, b_LF, b_HF, b_HRV, e_HR, e_LF, e_HF, e_HRV, d_HR, d_LF, d_HF, d_HRV
EDA b_SCL, b_SCR, e_SCL, e_SCR, d_SCL, d_SCR
SKT b_meanSKT, e_meanSKT, d_meanSKT
PPG b_BVP, b_PTT, e_BVP, e_PTT, d_BVP, d_PTT
  1. b_ baseline, e_ emotional state, d_ “e_” − “b_”, ECG electrocardiography, EDA electrodermal activity, SKT skin temperature, PPG photoplethysmography, HR heart rate, LF low-frequency, HRV heart rate variability, SCL skin conductance level, SCR skin conductance response, BVP blood volume pulse, PTT pulse transit time