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Table 3 Menstrual and reproductive history parameters of studied Hungarian women (n 1932, born between the 1920s and 1980s) included in multivariate survival analyses

From: Relationship between some indicators of reproductive history, body fatness and the menopausal transition in Hungarian women

Menstrual and reproductive variables Definition of categories
Menarcheal age
 Relative early ≤10.9 years
 Average 11.0–13.9 years
 Relative late ≥14.0 years
Length of menstrual cycles
 Relatively short ≤27 days
 Average 28–30 days till adulthood and 28–70 days in climacterium
 Relatively long ≥31 days till adulthood and ≥71 days in climacterium
Length of menstrual bleeding
 Relatively short ≤3 days till adulthood and −2 days in climacterium
 Average 4–6 days till adulthood and 3–6 days in climacterium
 Relatively long ≥7 days
Number of gestations and number of gestations with or without lactation 1
4 or more
Menopausal status
 Premenopausal Menstrual period in the past 3 months, no decreased predictability
 Early perimenopausal Menstrual period in the past 3 months but less predictability in the preceding 12 months
 Late perimenopausal Menstrual bleeding in the past 12 months but not in the past 3 months
 Postmenopausal Amenorrheic for the past 12 months
Age at menopause
 Relative early ≤43.9 years
 Average 44.0–53.9 years
 Relative late ≥54.0 years