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Table 9 Reproductive risk factors of early menopause, obesity and abdominal obesity in the menopause transition—a review of literature (reviewed from the late 1990s)

From: Relationship between some indicators of reproductive history, body fatness and the menopausal transition in Hungarian women

Higher risk of early menopause Higher risk of obesity in the climacterium Higher risk of abdominal obesity in the climacterium
Late menarcheal age [17, 18] Late menarcheal age [39, 40]a Early menarcheal age [33, 35, 39, 43]
Early menarcheal age [1927] Early menarcheal age [43, 5860]
Never use of hormonal contraceptives [21, 2832]   Never use of hormonal contraceptivesa
High variability in cycle length prior to age 40 years [23]a   
Low number of gestations [6, 17, 19, 2123, 2528, 3336]a Low number of gestations [3942] Low number of gestations [39, 40]
Never or short period of lactation [22, 37] Lactation lengtha  
Long period of lactation [24]
Regular bleeding pattern before the climacterium [24, 25, 36] Irregular bleeding pattern before the climacteriuma  
Short or normal length of menstrual cycle in the climacterium [21, 23, 28, 38]a Normal length of menstrual cycle in the climacteriuma  
  Normal length of menstrual flow in the climacteriuma  
  Late menopausal age [6, 25, 26, 30, 33, 35] Late menopausal age [33, 35]
Early age at menopause [52]
  Postmenopausal status [40, 4351]a Postmenopausal status [4447, 51, 5356]a
  1. aThe present study could confirm these relations