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Table 1 Experimental procedure on both study days

From: Impact of a single, short morning bright light exposure on tryptophan pathways and visuo- and sensorimotor performance: a crossover study

Time of day (a.m.) Activity Light exposure
06:00 Wake up (morning urine collection) Residential light
07:00 Arrival at the study location Workplace
07:05 Urine sampling I, blood sampling I Workplace
07:15 VAS pre (data not shown, [26]) Workplace
07:20 Visuo- and sensorimotor performance tests I Workplace
07:40–08:10 Light exposure BL or OL
08:12 VAS post (data not shown, [26]) Workplace
08:15–09:00 Sustained attention test (data not shown, [26]) Workplace
09:05 Urine sampling II, blood sampling II Workplace
09:15 Visuo- and sensorimotor performance tests II Workplace
11:05 Urine sampling III, blood sampling III Workplace
  1. VAS visual analogue scale, pre before light exposure, post after exposure to either bright light (BL, 5000 lux, 6500 K) or office light (OL, < 150 lux, 6500 K); workplace light exposure < 100 lux, 4000 K