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Table 3 GO processes estimated by topGO enrichment analysis using 11 upregulated and 3 downregulated genes with FDR < 0.05

From: Upregulation of cathepsin L gene under mild cold conditions in young Japanese male adults

GO ID FDR Description
GO:0097530 3.60×10-5 Granulocyte migration
GO:0050900 3.60×10-5 Leukocyte migration
GO:0002684 6.10×10-5 Positive regulation of immune system process
GO:0097529 0.00011 Myeloid leukocyte migration
GO:0042742 0.00012 Defense response to bacterium
GO:2000406 0.00013 Positive regulation of T cell migration
GO:2000403 0.00019 Positive regulation of lymphocyte migration
GO:2000404 0.00021 Regulation of T cell migration
  1. GO Gene ontology, FDR False discovery rate