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Table 6 Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient and linear regression analysis for ACR/EULAR2010 scores

From: High prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis and its risk factors among Tibetan highlanders living in Tsarang, Mustang district of Nepal

Correlation coefficient (r) ACR/EULAR2010
Male Female
Age 0.1192 0.2083
Marriage status 0.2171 0.0000
Drinking habits 0.0947 0.3349
Smoking habits − 0.2734 0.0859
Living experience in urban 0.1166 − 0.2417
Linear regression analysis (p value) ACR/EULAR2010
Male Female
Age 0.6080 0.1540
Marriage status 0.1410 0.8726
Drinking habits 0.5133 0.0571
Smoking habits 0.7663 0.6258
Living experience in urban 0.4878 0.1513
  1. Analysis was performed with 23 males and 42 females who were able to provide blood. The upper half shows the correlation coefficient, and the lower half shows the p value for linear regression analysis