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Table 1 Pairs of adjectives used in semantic differential method

From: Psychological and physiological effect in humans of touching plant foliage - using the semantic differential method and cerebral activity as indicators

Pairs of adjectives in English Pairs of adjectives in Japanese
warm, cold あたたかい-つめたい
smooth, rough つるつる-ざらざら
soft, hard やわらかい-かたい
natural, artificial 自然な-人工的な
familiar, unfamiliar 親しみやすい-親しみにくい
kind, unkind やさしい-やさしくない
calming, stimulating 沈静的な-覚醒的な
peaceful, anxious 安心な-不安な
pleasant, unpleasant 快適な-不快な
like, dislike 好きな-嫌 いな