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Biocultural intersections: stressors, adaptability, allostasis, frailty, and aging

Vol. 41, Article number: 33 (2022)
Douglas Crews

Plain © Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Editorial introduction  to the new article collection "Biocultural Intersections: Stressors, Adaptability, Allostasis, Frailty & Aging" by the collection guest editor.

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 "Biocultural Intersections: Stressors, Adaptability, Allostasis, Frailty & Aging".

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Pre-cooling with ingesting a high-carbohydrate ice slurry on thermoregulatory responses and subcutaneous interstitial fluid glucose during heat exposure

Vol. 40 Article number: 34 (2022)
Takashi Naito, Tatsuya Saito, Akihisa Morito, Satoshi Yamada, Masatsugu Shimomasuda & Mariko Nakamura 

© Gary G on Pixabay 
The ingestion of a mixture of ice and water not only delays elevations in core temperature caused by heat exposure, but also supplies water for the body to prevent dehydration as a result of sweating during exercise. Indeed, the ingestion of an ice slurry has been demonstrated to lower the core temperature and to improve endurance exercise performance or intermittent exercise performance, such as that required for soccer or tennis, compared with the ingestion of cold or warm water.

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