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Assessment of autonomic function by long-term heart rate variability: beyond the classical framework of LF and HF measurements

Vol. 40 Article number: 21 (2021)

Junichiro Hayano & Emi Yuda

Heart rate image © Jan Alexander on Pixabay
In the assessment of autonomic function by HRV), the framework that the power of high-frequency component or its surrogate indices reflects parasympathetic activity, while the power of low-frequency component or LF/HF reflects sympathetic activity has been used as the theoretical basis for the interpretation of HRV. In this review, authors discussed the limitations of this classical framework and present studies that extracted autonomic function indicators and other useful biomedical information from long-term HRV using novel approaches beyond the classical framework. Those methods include non-Gaussianity index, HRV sleep index, heart rate turbulence, and the frequency and amplitude of cyclic variation of heart rate.

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[Featured Article]

Upregulation of cathepsin L gene under mild cold conditions in young Japanese male adults

Vol. 40, Article number: 16 (2021)
Yoshiki Yasukochi, Sora Shin, Hitoshi Wakabayashi & Takafumi Maeda 

Physiological thermoregulatory systems in humans have been a key factor for adaptation to local environments after their exodus from Africa, particularly, to cold environments outside Africa. Recent studies using high-throughput sequencing have identified various genes responsible for cold adaptation. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying initial thermoregulation in response to acute cold exposure remain unclear. Authors investigated transcriptional profiles of six young Japanese male adults exposed to acute cold stress.

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