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Thematic series

Biocultural Intersections: Stressors, Adaptability, Allostasis, Frailty & Aging

Edited by: Prof. Douglas Crews
Collection Published: 1 Nov 2022

Environmental changes on human infectious diseases

Edited by:  Prof. Kamruddin Ahmed, Prof. Kiyoshi Aoyagi
Collection Published: 1 Feb 2021

Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design Article Collection

Edited by: Prof Tetsuo Katsuura
Collection published: 28 April 2015 

Microbiota: Coevolution and the Modern Environment

Edited by: Dr Martin Katzman, Dr Alan C. Logan
Collection published: 18 February 2015

How have physiological polytypisms evolved in humans? -- Perspectives from studying both environmental and genetic factors

Edited by: Dr Hiroki Oota
Collection published: 12 May 2014

Sleep and circadian rhythms

Edited by: Prof Shigekazu Higuchi
Collection published: 13 March 2012 

Cross-journal collections

The gut-brain axis: Emerging evidence in health and disease

Scientists and clinicians have long been fascinated by the relationship between the brain and the gut, however our understanding of the mechanisms behind this complex and bidirectional interaction is still only basic. This interaction, termed the gut-brain axis (also known as the brain-gut axis), is thought to be involved in many regular functions and systems within the healthy body, in addition to the pathogenesis of many diseases from neurological and degenerative conditions to autoimmune diseases. The gut-brain axis is now being investigated as a potential target for treatment of these diseases. This collection brings together research published in BioMed Central journals into all aspects of the gut-brain axis and its role in health and disease.

Collection published: 23 May 2014