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Table 3 Input parameters of PHS, PHSmA to calculate difference in predicted core temperature and accumulated water loss

From: Comparison of correction factor for both dynamic total thermal insulation and evaporative resistance between ISO 7933 and ISO 9920

Individual condition Var Vw Icl
Condition A 3.0 m·s−1 0.1 m·s−1 0.3 clo
Condition B 3.0 m·s−1 0.1 m·s−1 1.0 clo
Condition C 0.15 m·s−1 0.1 m·s−1 0.3 clo
Condition D 0.15 m·s−1 0.1 m·s−1 1.0 clo
Common condition Input parameter
Ta Every 0.1 °C (30–40 °C)
RH Every 1% (0–100%)
M 145 W·m−2
Height 1.70 m
Weight 65 kg
Acclimation Acclimated
Drink availability Available
imst 0.38
Calculation program PHS, PHSmA
Calculation time 1 h
  1. Var relative air velocity, Vw walking speed, Icl intrinsic thermal insulation of clothing, Ta air temperature, RH relative humidity, M metabolic rate, imst static moisture permeability index, PHS predicted heat strain, PHSmA modified PHS including equation (2.1–3) of correction factor for dynamic total thermal insulation and Eq. (4) of correction factor for dynamic total evaporative resistance. Equations are shown in Table 1