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Table 7 Sociological factors and lifestyle habits that affect ACR/EULAR2010 scores

From: High prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis and its risk factors among Tibetan highlanders living in Tsarang, Mustang district of Nepal

Variables Male (n = 23)
Estimate 95% CI Std.Error p value
Intercept − 1.14E−16 [− 4.43E−01, 4.43E−01] 2.10E−01 1.0000
Age 8.10E−02 [− 4.26E−01, 5.88E−01] 2.41E−01 0.7404
Marriage status 5.02E−01 [− 3.96E−02, 1.04E−00] 2.57E−01 0.0671
Drinking habits 1.90E−02 [− 4.83E−01, 5.21E−01] 2.38E−01 0.9374
Smoking habits − 3.09E−01 [− 8.39E−01, 2.22E−01] 2.51E−01 0.2360
Living experience in urban 1.72E−01 [− 3.07E−01, 6.50E−01] 2.27E−01 0.4599
Variables Female (n = 42)
Estimate 95% CI Std.Error p value
Intercept 3.12E−16 [− 2.83E−01, 2.83E−01] 1.39E−01 1.0000
Age 4.84E−01 [9.19E−02, 8.76E−01] 1.93E−01 0.0170
Marriage status 6.61E−02 [− 2.33E−01, 3.66E−01] 1.48E−01 0.6571
Drinking habits 1.63E−01 [− 1.50E−01, 4.76E−01] 1.54E−01 0.2974
Smoking habits 5.30E−02 [− 2.53E−01, 3.59E−01] 1.51E−01 0.7276
Living experience in urban − 5.49E−01 [− 9.21E−01, 1.77E−01] 1.84E−01 0.0050
  1. Analysis was performed with 23 males and 42 females who were able to provide blood samples using multiple linear regression analysis. “Estimate” in the table indicates a standardized parameter estimate, and its 95% CI is also listed